A toast to the new design! 
From left: Lisa Gibson, editor; Anita Geffre, director of finance; Beth Bohlman, circulation manager; Carli Greninger, page designer; Kayla Prasek, staff writer; Nichole Ertman, sales account manager; Staci Lord, advertising director; Korrie Wenzel, publisher. Not pictured: Garrett Richie, sales account manager. PHOTO CREDIT: Joshua Komer, Grand Forks Herald

We’re Officially Redesigned

This week, Prairie Business released the print and digital editions of its November issue — completely redesigned and revamped. This makeover has been in the works for months and we’re all walking on air now that we’ve unrolled and branded our product. We’re jazzed. I’m smiling as I write this, sipping tea from my new…
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Our Special Edition Is Here

This year, Prairie Business has put together what we’re calling our 13th edition. It’s an entire magazine focused on construction, boasting a completely unique design and featuring entirely new sections. The features highlight building design trends, project financing options and the workforce shortage. The contributions come from five main readership communities’ economic development presidents and…
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Be Among The Best

The nomination deadline for 50 Best Places to Work has been extended through Wednesday. You now have until 5 p.m. July 13 to nominate the company you work for. The nomination form is much shorter than it was last year, so it won’t take much time at all to fill out. Do it on your…
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A Group Discussion Gone Right

I walked away from the Grand Forks/East Grand Forks Community Profile discussion this week with a head full of knowledge about our business environment here, and an intense appreciation for people who are passionate about their industries (and chatty when I need them to be).   The group we pulled together represented ag, banking, health…
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The Next Generation Of Homeowners

The housing market of Grand Forks is among topics discussed at length in meetings I’ve attended recently — sometimes off the record. Specifically, baby boomers seem to be fascinated by the fact that the new generation of homebuyers are not looking so much at price (although, of course, this factors in), but are focused more…
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