Taxes: Favorable Figures And A Smallish Pile Of Paperwork

For some of us, it’s tax time. For some of us, tax time was in February, right when our W-2s were available and we could file immediately for optimal refund timing before a vacation to Mexico. Or something…

But if it’s tax time for you, I’m sending good vibes for favorable figures and a smallish pile of paperwork. For business owners, most financial experts recommend an accountant, even for small operations. They might be aware of credits or refunds you’re not, and they have the expertise and speed to get it done properly and on time.

In a tax feature Prairie Business published in February, business banking experts listed the largest mistakes they see companies make, year round or right at tax time. Waiting until the last minute to do taxes is on that list, but if you did procrastinate and are neck deep in tax documents, take a minute to review the mistakes listed and see if it can help make this process go a little more smoothly for you.

Best of luck. It’s almost over.


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