We’re Officially Redesigned

This week, Prairie Business released the print and digital editions of its November issue — completely redesigned and revamped. This makeover has been in the works for months and we’re all walking on air now that we’ve unrolled and branded our product. We’re jazzed.

I’m smiling as I write this, sipping tea from my new Prairie Business mug emblazoned with a sleek new logo. It feels like a brand new magazine.

We’ve changed how we report the news and trends, too, adding sections that will rotate and appear every few months. Be on the lookout for Generation Next — profiles of college students; The Startup Line — features highlighting new companies and entrepreneurs; Non-Profit — profiles of non-profits; Around The Office — photo collages of cool workplaces; Join The Team — interesting job openings; Insights & Intuition — answers to hot-topic questions; and our staple Business Insider and Construction Corner sections.

This week is an important one for us here at Prairie Business. It’s official. We’re redesigned.

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