A Bit Of Pride

If you watch my weekly Agweek promo video, you might have noticed that I’ve been rambling longer than usual. That’s because Agweek has been so on top of our news lately that I can’t pack all the teasers into just one minute.

So perhaps I’ll just start talking faster.

While it might have prompted my regular viewers (both of them) to stop watching before the promo is over, I’m incredibly pleased with the coverage Agweek has been churning out for our readers.

We’ve packed the magazine with timely coverage of the farm bill passage, the privatization of the Canadian Wheat Board (thereby opening the market for farmers instead of forcing them to sell to the government agency), a propane shortage in the Upper Midwest, and rail issues that have put a historic pinch on agribusiness in our region. And those are just the cover stories.

Agweek strives to bring the best, most relevant coverage to our readers and we always do. But I am particularly proud of my team in the past few weeks. We’ve been busy and a bit frazzled at times, but we’re staying on top of it.

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to caffeine.

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