A Cover Story About Bees

The cover story in the upcoming issue of Agweek features a man who owns apiaries in North Dakota and California, but also started a company to research colony collapse disorder.

CCD terrifies me.

Pollination is pretty crucial to life on Earth, so anything that mysteriously and devastatingly wipes out the creatures responsible for that function is a huge problem for all of us.

I’ve stepped up on my “I love bees” soapbox before, so I’ll spare you that speech.

David Moreland, the focus of our cover story, is working to find out what causes the problem and he’s looking at insecticides as one of the main culprits. Sounds logical. After all, bees are insects…

Moreland is a walnut and almond farmer in California and originally started beekeeping as a way to keep pollination costs down on his farm. That’s interesting to me, as well. The worlds of beekeeping and traditional farming collide sometimes, mainly because of chemicals used in farming that are thought to cause problems for bees. Moreland has his hand in both industries so cooperation between the two is clearly possible.

Check out the Jan. 6 issue to learn more about Moreland, his farms, his bees and his research. With North Dakota’s new pollinator protection plan, the news is “abuzz” with bees (Sorry).

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