A Tropical Vacation (loosely Tied To Ag)

I returned to North Dakota this week from a vacation in Jamaica. I have a newfound empathy for people who suffer from seasonal depression.

After almost an entire week of sunshine, hot temperatures, beaches and crashing ocean waves, Grand Forks punched me in the face with whipping winds, subzero temperatures and a sheet of ice on my car.

Upon stepping off the plane, my warm memories of multiple sunscreen applications on my above-canopy zip line outing in Montego Bay were replaced with a cold, hard fall back to reality. Ouch.

The fresh, warm, pool-side island breeze was wrenched from my lungs and replaced with a biting freeze that I was sure would take my lungs out of commission for life.

All whining aside, I am glad to be back.

Christmas doesn’t look the same in Jamaica. Goats grazing on the sides of the roads (there it is — ag-related reference) just doesn’t scream Christmas to me like snowbanks and snowmen do. Christmas lights don’t look as cheery or cozy on the side of a house surrounded by palm trees and fallen coconuts.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my entry for the office-wide Christmas stocking decorating contest is late.

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