A Week To Be Thankful

Agweek participated in Pasta Month during October, providing our readers with a crossword puzzle to complete and mail to me. We picked 10 winners from the pool of 60 entries and sent out prize packages with a few different kinds of pasta noodles, a T-shirt, a reusable canvas bag and more.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive handwritten thank you notes from two of our winners this week. It made us all here at Agweek smile and made us feel a little closer to our readers.

It also reminded me of the power of thank you notes, which I can put into practice today. A family friend gave me free tickets to the University of North Dakota hockey games this weekend, as his family won’t be able to make it here to use their season tickets. A handwritten thank you note to them will be in the mail tomorrow.

Thank you for reading, Agweek faithfuls, and I hope you have plenty to be thankful for this holiday season. I know I do (shout-out to my mom, who is an incredible cook and delayed our family’s Thanksgiving dinner in my hometown until Saturday so I can be there for it).

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