A New Project

Starting next week, I’ll be the face of Agweek’s weekly promotional video. And the voice.

I’ll get to practice my skills as a TV anchorwoman for about one minute each week, delivering a summary of the coverage my team has compiled for the following Monday’s issue. I’ve never done this before and I’m hoping I can bribe my unruly curls into giving me at least one good hair day per week for the camera. No promises.

But I’m excited.

We work hard each week to deliver pertinent, timely and interesting news to our readers, and to make it look good all laid out on the pages. I’m happy I get the chance to promote that each week and let you all know what we have in store for you.

It will be posted each week at www.agweek.com. So check it out.

The first few attempts might be good for a laugh.

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