A Disappointing Twist

I was out of the office a few days this week and missed a couple things — a potluck farewell to a longtime employee of Forum Communications Co. (which owns Agweek), a get together for another valued and retiring employee, and a couple company meetings. Oh yea, and the government shut down.

In reality, the shutdown doesn’t directly affect the day-to-day lives of many people who don’t work for the government or receive federal benefits in one form or another. But it affects Agweek. It affects farmers. All USDA reports on commodities, which fill seven pages of our magazine each week, will not be available. And in larger news, we still have no farm bill and won’t in the near future, most likely. What a mess (I hope you appreciate that I censored myself and chose the word “mess” in that instance).

As I watch coverage on CNN about shots fired on Capitol Hill, I wonder how the hell this all happened. Have we elected buffoons to lead us in some of the most important positions our government has? Apparently, yes.

They’ve sent our country into a panic over partisan bickering and childish stubbornness most unbecoming to any adult, let alone elected leaders. My sister and I were better at compromise when were 5 and 7, arguing over whether we’d play Barbies or Little House on the Prairie.

I don’t have a brilliant ending to this blog. I have no pearls of wisdom that aren’t already so damn obvious, it’s disgusting. But I have a lot of disappointment, anger and confusion. And I’m betting you do, too.

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